Tassie Resin Products

Aussie Muscle Car Bodies

4 door XA Falcon Phase 4

Painted By D. Bantoft

 XA Coupe (coming soon) 


XY Falcon GT No Longer Available

 Painted By D. Bantoft





XY Falcon Super Falcon ( Flared Gaurds)  

Painted By D. Bantoft    




E38 Charger

Painted by Greg Battern  


XW Falcon GT

HT Monaro Beechey Version


The Muscle car kits consist of :

resin body,drivers head and shoulders,inserts ( Not included with Super Falcon OR Beechey Monaro) and vac formed windows and interior.

All are $35.00 AUD plus postage.

 Decals are available from Alan Stubbings